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June 3rd to June 5th 2024



Namur, Belgium




Vice-President of Wallonia and Minister for the Economy, Foreign Trade, Research and Innovation, Digital
Scientific director at Saint-Gobain
European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
Vice President, Europe at Breakthrough Energy
Agoria (CEO), the Belgian federation of the technology industry
CEO and president of VTT (Finland), President of the Executive Board of EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organisations)
Coming soon
Vice President of Tata Steel, President of Eurofer and chair of the Steel Institute VDEh
Co-founder and CTO at SOLiTHOR
Former R&D program manager at STMicroelectronics
Associate professor at UCLouvain
Unit manager Energy and Low-Impact Industry at CRM group
Head of Transnational Initiatives at FFG
Founder & CEO at I-Care
Executive Officer at Trusted AI Labs (TRAIL) & Multitel
Advisor of the Presidency of INESC TEC (PT). Member of the Manufuture High Level Group and former president of ANI, Portugal innovation agency
Senior Science Officer at FCT
Senior Business Group Leader Digital at Agoria
Innovation Project Manager at European Aluminium
Founder and CEO at NVISO
Director Sustainable Mining Initiative at Euromines
Policy Officer, raw materials specialist at DG-GROW, Europea Commission
Head of data science at Technord
Co-founder of Nuketech, a VC fund dedicated to nuclear technology
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College London
Director at SIRRIS Wallonia
Founder and head of KTH Innovation
Policy Officer at Industrial Transformation Unit, DG-RTD, European Commission
Project manager at the Shift project
President of the European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing. Platform
Full Professor at UCLouvain
VTT & coordinator INN-PRESSME OITB
Chief Policy Officer at Hydrogen Europe
Head of Unit at REA (European Commission) for the “Future Low Emission Industries” in charge of the management of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Senior scientist at Tecnalia. Expert in materials circularity
R&D Manager at IMEC
General Manager at Cenaero
Head of programme at CHIPS JU
Chief Scientific Officer at G.ST Antivirals
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at MyBiotech
Head of Unit of Valorisation Policies & IPR, DG-RTD, European Commission
Director General of the Eureka Secretariat
Professor at ULB
Coordinator of the Innovative Europe team at NCBR, Poland
Technology Director of the Industry & Mobility Unit of Tecnalia
EMIRI Managing Director / Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative Coordinator
Professor of software engineering at University of Koblenz
Policy officer at BEPA (Batteries European Partnership Association)
Senior scientist at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon
Chief Product Officer at Thyssenkrupp
Director of the Clean Steel Partnership programme
Deputy Head of Unit Industry at HaDEA, European Commission
CEO of Materia Nova
Research and Innovation Council Finland
Professor at UCLouvain
Researcher at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School
Director Materials Research & Technology deparment at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Chief Research Officer at IBA
Senior scientist at ICMCB, France. Coordinator of the CNRS-CEA project DIADEM (DIscovery Acceleration for the Deployment of Emerging Materials)
Research director at Italian National Research Council (CNR)
Scientific director at CETIC
Head of Research and Innovation at Syensqo
Innovation Director for Alstom Belgium
R&D Manager at Proplast (IT)
Head of Environment and Decarbonization at Aperam Group
Coordinator at MadeinWal
Executive Director at A.SPIRE
R&D project leader at Materia Nova
Co-founder Resonant Circuits Limited
R&D project manager in Hydrogen Technologies at Tecnalia
Professor at UCLouvain
European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA)
Senior Researcher in Manufacturing Technologies at TECNALIA
Head of unit "Industry" at the "European Health and Digital European executive agency"
Business Developer at i-TRIBOMAT OITB
R&D programme manager at Materia Nova
Full professor at the University of Gdansk, CEO and scientific director at QSAR Ltd.
CEO & Founder at PHOENIX AI
Head of the Division of Materials of Energy Interest at CIEMAT
Scientific expert for the European Materials Modelling Council
Head of Unit Investment conditions and Public services at DG-GROW, European Commission
Head of Unit Investment Conditions and Public Services at DG-GROW, European Commission
Deputy Head of Unit Industrial Research, Innovation and Investment Agendas at DG-RTD, European Commission
Secretary General of BEPA and director government affairs electromobility projects at Umicore
Head of Unit for AI in Science in the DG for Research and Innovation
Fast Track Leader Materials at Airbus Group
Head of Unit "Industrial Transformation", DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
John Cockerill Hydrogen, VP Strategy
Strategic Green Transition Advisor at Agoria
Founder, CEO & CTO at Livedrop
Unit Manager 'Metal Production & Recycling' at CRM group and chairman of the iron and steelmaking Experts Group advising European Commission
Chair of the Mutual Learning Exercise on Knowledge Valorisation (EU), Advisor to University of Vaasa (FI), IM at Noshaq Investment Fund (BE)
Technical director at Yazzoom
CEO & co-Founder at Matgenix