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Bardé Fanny

Bardé Fanny

Co-founder and CTO at SOLiTHOR

Dr Fanny Bardé holds a PhD Material Science degree from Picardie Jules Verne University in Amiens (France).

In February 2022, Dr Bardé co-founded the battery technology company, SOLiTHOR and became its first CTO. She is also a company Director and Board member. Dr Bardé leads a team of 24 battery experts which she successfully built and is responsible for the technology roadmap and strategic IP portfolio of the company.

Prior to SOLiTHOR, Dr Bardé managed the Solid-State Battery programme at IMEC where she oversaw large commercially funded projects and coordinated SOLiDIFY, a complex, 14 partner European H2020-LC-BAT1 public funded project, securing €7.8M of funding.

For 14 years, Dr Bardé was Technical Manager for R&D – Advanced Technology at Toyota Motor Europe (TME) working on future battery technology for xEVs (PHEV, HEV, BEV). Her research focussed on novel multivalent and all solid-state batteries systems or designing new catalysts and electrolytes for rechargeable Li-Air batteries.

At Toyota, she was also responsible for initiating and managing international public funded projects and for coordinating internal trans-company battery projects. She prepared Toyota Europe’s battery roadmap and aligned it with the Toyota Global R&D roadmap.

From 2020 to 2021, Dr Bardé was Chair of Task Force Sustainability within the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP), where she delivered a position paper and workshop on battery sustainability. She is also an active member of Battery Europe in Working Groups 1 and 3, Battery 2030+ and BEPA.

Dr Fanny Bardé has authored and co-authored twenty-nine patent applications, thirty-five peer-reviewed journal publications and one book chapter.