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Borlée Jean

Borlée Jean

Unit manager Energy and Low-Impact Industry at CRM group

Jean graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Liège and started at CRM at the cokemaking department, then moved to other fields of activity such as sintering, blast furnaces, direct reduction, smelting reduction, steelmaking, continuous casting and environment.

He coordinated various European research project (FP5, FP6). He coordinated the tasks of ArcelorMittal during the large FP6 ULCOS programme.  He was notably involved in all blast furnace, smelting reduction and electrolysis developments, including the construction and operation of pilot plants.

Jean was chairman of the TGS2 and TGA2 expert group “Iron and steelmaking” of the EU RFCS programme until 2021.

Now at CRM Group, he leads the ELIMIN (“Energy and Low Impact Industry”) unit and co-ordinates the technological platform on “Energy Shift”.